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Episode Summary

In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Jeff Inman and discuss what kind of person should get into tree care.

About Jeff

Jeff Inman is a thinker, an arborist, and a climber to his core. More importantly, though, he is husband to Kelsey and father to Cedar and Lucille. He works for Truetimber Arborists based out of Richmond, VA as the Risk Manager and Truetimber Academy Director. Jeff’s passion for tree climbing has allowed for a wild ride over the last decade. He has been making sawdust professionally since 2011 but discovered tree climbing competitions in 2013 which triggered a real passion to combine technical climbing with his quiet, yet competitive nature. He holds various certifications through the ISA and TCIA, most notably Climber Specialist, Certified Arborist, TRAQ, and CTSP. His passion in this industry has always been centered around climbing, learning, teaching, and growth.

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