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Episode Summary

In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Corey Parsons, President of Rogue Tree Solutions and John Lewis, Manager of Member Engagement for the Midwest Region, and discuss why company culture is a company wide phenomena.

About Corey

Arboriculture has been a part of Corey’s life since he was a little boy. His entire family has been rooted into the industry for many years. Corey followed his father’s, uncles’ and brothers’ footsteps working for the largest utility line clearance company in the world and he realized that his future without a doubt would be in the Arboriculture industry. Corey is a Certified Arborist, receiving the proper licensing through the State of Ohio for Commercial herbicide application. He became very strong in proper safety practices to comply with OSHA rules and regulations, operations, bidding, recruiting/hiring and most importantly – learning how to become a strong leader. Being a Certified Arborist and a board member of the Ohio Chapter ISA gives him the knowledge and expertise to educate customers, municipalities, and fellow town members.

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