The TCIA Podcast launch is today! This podcast is a first for all of us at TCIA and we are excited to share it with you!

We decided to start a podcast for many reasons. However, one of our biggest reasons was to stay connected with the industry. Our goal is not only to educate and entertain our listeners but to also show the world the importance of arboriculture.

The tree care industry has stories and knowledge just waiting to be explored. We’ll have a variety of expert guests and innovators from all corners of the industry. These guests will be sharing their stories and extensive knowledge on our show.

The first guest on our show is Krista Strating! Krista is well known in competition climbing. She has been a climbing arborist for 11 years. In addition to climbing, she works as an arborist for the City of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and tree climbing instructor for Arboriculture Apprenticeship and Urban Forestry students. Krista currently holds the North American Women’s Champion Title in tree climbing.

Our first podcast episode with Krista is on what it means to be a competition climber as well as the training and effort that goes into maintaining a competitive edge. Check out Being a Competition Climber here.

Our second podcast episode with Krista is all about the opportunities that she has received by being a competition climber. Some of those opportunities include becoming a trainer, working on workshops, and even travel. Check out Opportunities from Climbing here.

Thank you for checking out the TCIA Podcast launch and be sure to lister to our first two episodes now available on wherever you listen to podcasts!

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