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Episode Summary

In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with John Haehnel of Tree Tech Inc, and discuss the value of the CTSP Credential for both him and the company he works for.

About John

John began working as a teenager with his uncle and father while learning tree work/equipment operation. He then joined the United States Marine Corps in 1991 and served four proud years in the Infantry until 1995. After leaving the Marine Corps, John found himself wanting to return to tree work and operating machinery. His path brought him to Tree Tech, where he has spent many years gaining experience working in the field in just about all areas of the industry. He began on the ground and worked diligently to improve his skills to progress through the ranks. His skills include groundman, climber, bucket operator, equipment operation, utility line clearance, and crane operator.  Approximately four years ago, John accepted the role of Director of Safety and Training at Tree Tech. With that role, he has brought forth many years of knowledge and experience from his time on-the-job, as well as from his CTSP continuing education.

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